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Privacy statement

Personal information

Version 4 :

MonteZone UK knows that you care how information about you is used and shared. We appreciate your trust in us to do that carefully and sensibly. This notice describes the privacy policy of MonteZone UK. By visiting MonteZone UK, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this statement.

Controllers of personal data

Any personal information provided to or gathered by MonteZone UK is controlled and processed by Eurosport UK, PO Box 19, Diss, IP21 4WQ.

MonteZone UK complies with legal requirements and best practices for data gathering, processing and storage. Its principle ethos is that it only collects the data that is required by it to meet its business needs or obligations and to provide you, its customers, with the best possible service.

Some information that is not personally identifiable is gathered by Google Analytics on our behalf and is processed by them for our own use in monitoring web site performance. This information cannot be used to personally identify individuals using our site. ⇑ Back to top

What personal information does MonteZone UK gather about its customers?

The information MonteZone UK gathers about its customers (i.e., those who have transacted with us in some way and therefore have passed us personally identifiable information), is used to complete transactions and business or to provide improved customer services. The majority of data gathered is impersonal user data used to improve web site performance over time. This data is not personally identifiable or individualised.

This information is also used to improve our service, maintain website performance and to prevent or detect fraud or other abuses of our website. For example, we record attempts to log-in to our website using IP address information in order to prevent attacks against our website by temporarily banning IP addresses where repeated failed attempts to log-in have been identified.

We use personally identifiable information in the following circumstances:

  • to inform you about new products and special offers, if you have signed-up and opted-in to our newsletter;
  • to send you our email newsletter, if you have signed-up and opted-in;
  • to confirm requests you have made to us regarding your account or use of your personal information; and,
  • generally manage and run our business in line with our legal and fraud prevention obligations.

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Types of information used by MonteZone UK:

  • Information you give us: we receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. These include, name, address, email address, telephone number and other order details. This information is used to provide you with services and goods you have paid for, communicating directly with you and to otherwise administrate our business. We do not sell, distribute or otherwise disseminate this information to third parties, except in line with the delivery of the services you have requested and paid for - e.g., delivery of goods by a courier service. You will never receive marketing material from a third party as a result of giving us your details.
  • Non-identifiable information: in the general course of our business, we collect and use data concerning the performance of our website and services, which we use for business improvement. This information includes the browsers and versions used by visitors, operating systems, screen resolutions, general location and length of visit, amongst other data. None of the data gathered is personally-identifiable and cannot be linked back to any individual. This information is processed for us by Google Analytics.
  • Email: If you opt-in to our newsletter service, you will receive occasional emails from us to tell you about our products and services, particularly if there are new products that you might find interesting. We make every effort to minimise the annoyance that unsolicited emails can cause by never bombarding you with lots of marketing emails.You will only ever receive several emails from us within a short period if we are updating you on progress of your order. We do not believe in spam and will not sell or give your email address to third parties for marketing purposes except in the course of the delivery of our goods and services. If you have opted-in to our newsletter service and wish to subsequently opt-out, please complete the contact us form on this website, with your email address and ask us to opt-out of the newsletter.
  • Other sources: through the course of running our business we are legally obliged to collect information about the transactions we conduct with you. This information is only ever used in the legitimate conduct of our business and is never processed to target you with marketing opportunities.

When conducting a financial transaction with us, you will provide your personal information to a third party provider to process and complete the transaction; whether this is PayPal, your bank or another party. The information we gather about such transactions is limited to the amount paid, who paid it and the order for which the payment was received. We do not currently use a payment gateway or provider on our site. ⇑ Back to top


Cookies have received an unfairly bad press in recent years because there are opportunities for them to be abused by unscrupulous websites and nefarious individuals, just the same as any other technology. Cookies are small files stored on your computer and used by (and only by) the domain that created the cookie. The most regular use of a cookie is to store a session identifier for a website where you have signed-in to an account. Without the cookie, it would be impossible to maintain your status as a user between pages on a site (you would need to sign-in with your username and password on every page).

In particular, MonteZone uses the following cookies on its website:

  • PHPSESSID: this is a Session ID used by the server application to identify each session that is generated by visitors to the website. The website creates a session for each visitor and stores an encrypted ID for the session in a cookie on the visitors' computer. The cookie is only valid for the period of time that the visitor remains on the site and is removed at the end of the session. This ID is only relevant to administrators and users to sign-in to the site to perform administrative tasks as they create orders on the site. It performs no function for general visitors, contains no personal information and can be safely deleted.
  • Google Analytics: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz: These cookies are set by Google Analytics and provide the owners of the site generalised and aggregated site usage data, including the number of visitors, pages visited, length of time on the site, number of pages visited per user, and details of operating systems and browser/versions. These details are used by us to improve the services offered on our website. The data collected from these cookies are not personalised in any way and would not enable an analyst to identify any particular individual’s usage of the website.

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Release of information

Any personal information collected and processed by MonteZone will not be passed to third-parties except in the following circumstances:

  • You have entered into a contract with us for the supply of goods and services. In this instance, MonteZone will share data with third-party organisations such as your bank/credit card company, delivery companies/couriers, etc. in the interests of delivering the services you have requested.
  • If we are requested by the authorities—law enforcement and secret services,—to give details about you in the interests of preventing crime, terrorism or fraud, we have a duty and an obligation to do so, providing that certain criteria have been fulfilled to identify that you are the subject of their enquiries by those authorities.
  • If we are in dispute and the business has determined to pursue you for monies, goods or services owed by you to us, we reserve the right to provide your details and the details of any outstanding transactions to a debt collection agency, a court of law or other third party, as necessary.

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Data security

We work hard to secure and protect the information you provide to us during transmission and in storage within our business. We use high-quality encryption, secure sockets and internal data security measures to protect our servers, data storage and data integrity. Personal data is transferred across our site using a GeoTrust Secure Sockets Layer Certificate across data networks that are secure.⇑ Back to top

Third party referrals

While the MonteZone UK website may link to other websites or contain advertising linking to other websites, we do not provide any personally identifiable information about our customers or users to those sites.

As those sites are outside of MonteZone UK’s jurisdiction, we cannot vouch for the integrity or security of those sites you visit, although we make every effort to check those sites we link to on a regular basis to ensure that they have integrity. ⇑ Back to top

Your options

If you are unsure about the information contained in this statement, you can always contact us directly and seek clarification.

If you are concerned about the information we may collect about you, you are entitled to refuse to provide that information; however, this is likely to result in us being unable to provide you with any service that relies on that information.

If you wish to be forgotten, please use the Contact Us form on this website to make the request, including the personally identifiable information you wish us to forget, such as your name, email address and IP address. We will search our data for use of this information and remove it from our records where the information is not used in business records we are legally required to keep for a specified period. ⇑ Back to top