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Lumenition Performance Ignition

Lumenition Performance Ignition

Lumenition Performance Optronic Ignition

Lumenition Optronic Ignition is an electronic ignition conversion to replace existing contact breaker points and condenser. The advantage of the Lumenition system is that it contains no wearing parts, requires no adjustment or maintenance during service and once ignition timing is set it will remain permanently in tune.rnrnWith all the reliability of the Standard Optronic ignition, the Performance system adds the Lumenition constant energy coil, which gives a fully saturated spark far higher up the engine rev range than possible with a standard coil.rnrnThe instant benefits of all Optronic systems are:rnNo contact breakers or condensers;rnEasier starting and higher revving engines;rnFaster, smoother acceleration;rnReduced exhaust emissions;rnBetter fuel economy;rnIn addition the Performance Optronic electronic ignition offers:rnHigh output constant energy ignition coil electronically matched to power module;rnMicrocircuit control of the coil current giving optimum performance across speed and voltage range, ensuring maximum coil spark energy;rnVariable dwell angle, optimising energy use to prevent low speed coil overheating;rnAutomatic switch off on engine stop, preventing coil damage if ignition is left on;rnThe Performance Optronic system is ideal for modified or race or rally cars. It can only be used with unballasted low resistance electronic ignition coils (i.e. primary resistance of ~0.75 ohms) such as the supplied constant energy type. It is not suitable for use with a replacement dry coil such as SV009 or an original fitment standard resistance coil.rnrnIf preferred, bracket SV043 is available to avoid additional mounting holes in the bodywork when fitting the power module.rnrnImportant: Fully suppressed ignition leads, such as Silicone types, MUST be used with this system. Copper leads or leads using just suppressed caps are NOT suitable.rnrnNOTE: The performance power module is supplied with constant energy coil, optical switch and cabling, but requires a fitting kit for your specific distributor type, sold separately. See Marelli S144 fitting kit SV301 for Lancia Scorpion and Montecarlo S1.

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