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Cooling Hose Set

Cooling Hose Set

Cooling Hose Set

Black silicon rubber cooling hose set for Lancia Montecarlo S1 & S2 models. Manufactured to a premium quality from high grade silicone polymer and reinforced with a high strength polyester fabric. Designed to work to greater pressure levels and an increased minimum/maximum operating temperature range of -40ºC to +180ºC. Heater hoses are moulded to the original form for perfect routing - these are not generic straight hoses that are easily kinked. The set comprises: Radiator left; Radiator right; Cylinder head top rail to right radiator tube; Lower tube rail to left radiator tube; Cylinder head rail to thermostat; Lower tube rail to thermostat; Thermostat to water pump; Expansion tank lower to water pump; Expansion tank upper to cylinder head top rail; Cylinder head left to heater feed pipe; Heater return pipe to auto-choke Tee piece; Tee piece to auto-choke; Heater return from Tee piece to thermostat (4 port); Also included are the breather vent hoses for S1 models (note: the original flame trap should be transferred from your old housing hose): Block to breather vent elbow; Breather vent to air filter housing;

Code: CO305

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